About the Marine Zones App

Things have changed greatly since we first brought the Marine Zones app to life way back in 2012. Four iOS apps and One Android version. We have had over 10,500 downloads of our apps since that time and have seen huge changes in technology as well.

We have retired our last app release in an effort to provide a more reliable solution. Our aim is to make marinezones.com.au the “go to” web site for fishers looking for Marine Park information all around Australia.

This is a work in progress and map links will be embedded once they are created. We will attempt to have marine park information available for Qld, NSW, Tas, Vic, SA, WA, NT.

You will find the embeded maps here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please check back regularly as they are being added all the time.

We do intent to offer other useful information in the form of maps for our users as well. We also intend to bring you some great deals from our exclusive advertising partners. Please sign up to our subscription page to be notified of new launches and offers.