Marine Zones App – GPS

The other month I was introduced to this cool app. It does a lot of stuff that I have no interest in…but one thing that does interest me, especially when fishing close to the edge of marine zones, is it shows you the accuracy of your device in real time.

Many people have asked me “how accurate is the GPS on the iPhone?” and it looks as though this app gives some sort of indication. It looks as though it logs/records your location every second and you can easily view the details.

Below is a snap shot of the figures my device (iPhone 4) was showing.

GPS Accuracy

So this tells me that the phone…out in the open and not shoved in a pocket, under a canopy or in a cabin, can get me as close as 5 metres to being on the money. For the fisherman, this is pretty re-assuring if you want to get close without crossing into that marine zone. A great deal better than 40 meters accuracy.

Not bad for a little phone. As technology improves this accuracy will only get better!

So what’s this app? Well heres a snapshot of the details. I assume it’s available for Android as well…but can’t verify that. Give it a try and see what your device is capable of.



Don’t forget to allow logging of your GPS points or you won’t be able to see any details.

Have fun!



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