Here are some real reviews from people who love their fishing.

D. Mansfield – June 2015
I went out on the weekend and it worked a treat .
I fish an area out wide … and it’s literally 30m out of the green . I always knew it was . But it worked good …

…Cheers again mate . Keep up the good work.


L. Schulz – June 2015

I just got it ! Awesome! I had to click on the icon above Townsville to open the Barrier Reef Marine Parks file which opened them all up for use.

Thanks…I’ve installed it on to a IPad Air so I can use it on the boat for reference if required. It’s better to be safe then sorry.


G. Ingram – June 2015

Hi…Thanks for getting back so quickly.  I look forward to the updates.  Your app was suggested on a fishing program on foxtel, I will certainly be telling people, excellent!!
I am a great supporter of your app, such an intelligent and useful concept …. well done!!


P. Kane – June 2015
I was trying to load the app yesterday whilst out at sea.

I have the app up and running now. Fantastic…Thank-you.


Brett Needham – April 2013

Keep up the good work, i think you you have come up with a vital tool for those of us who have to contend with these marine zones each time we go fishing.

This will be a valuable tool with the amount of time we spend trolling South and North Stradbroke Islands for Mackerel and small Black Marlin. I’m pretty sure when friends and members of both Game Clubs find out about this tool (if not already knowing) will want this with them when fishing close to these restricted areas. It could potentially save many dollars in fines and the heartache of confiscation of gear. Again thank you!


Jason Kennedy and John Bell – February 2013

The fellas talk about the Marine Zones app


J.Brown – September 2012

Great App for the price . I have mentioned this to a few friends who love to fish . $2.99 or ? $500 fine .it’s a No brainier . Thanks again . 🙂


Jason Kennedy – August 2012.

Once in a while a GREAT idea comes along and you think why didn’t someone invent this years ago? Well its here…

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